Gutter Cleaning

Most of us have exterior gutters which means they need to be cleaned on occasion. Gutters tend to get clogged with dirt, leaves, needles and various stuff off the surrounding trees. When stuff gets caught in the gutters they can’t flow properly and will need a good gutter cleaning. When they plug up it can start causing drainage problems around your home. When water starts collecting at the foundation walls bad things happen. The foundation can crack letting water into the basement. When this starts happening you stand to lose.

A wet basement is caused by a number of things, one of them being pooling and improper drainage on your property. Problems with a wet basement range from mold and rotting wall panels or bloated drywall. If you have a hardwood floor then it is in danger from water soaking in and warping the boards. Furniture and appliances are also at danger from water damage when rain does not flow away from the house.

Drainage Tips

Gutter Guards

gutter guardsOne thing you can do to help improve how your gutter works is to add gutter guards. There are numerous types you can buy, and we suggest you research the market a little first before pulling the trigger on this investment. We find that most of the cheaper designs are short lived and do very little to help keep the gutter flowing clear and free. Reliable Gutters is a great company to deal with for these types of home improvement projects.

Here is a popular brand that works well


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