Perimeter Drainage

The way water flows around your home is important because you do not want it pooling near the foundation. If water sits too long around your basement walls you end up with a wet basement. You want to make sure the drainage is set correctly so it flows around and away from the home, out to the sewer lines or down a ditch. When landscaping for a new home a contractor who knows what he is doing will look to see what direction the land slopes toward or away from. He will also install drain tile around the perimeter walls to move the water efficiently for when it rains.

Example of Proper Drain Tile Installation


Getting the perimeter drain system set up correctly is vital, so make sure the contractor knows what he is doing
Perimeter DrainagePerimeter drainage systems are important for the longevity of your foundation, so they need to be set up correctly. Most water coming off the roof during a rainfall can be directed away from the home with good gutters and a downspout with an extender or trough to carry it away. When in doubt call a professional with good credentials to help with proper perimeter drainage. If you already have a basement leak then you are looking at more problems on top of the drainage issue.

There are many older homes that need to upgrade their drain systems. Replacing a drainage system is one of those things that really only need to be done every 20 – 30 years if it was installed correctly the first time. Unfortunately some contractors cut corners and by the time you recognize the problem a few years have passed. If that is the case on your property, then follow our advice and research your local home service providers before calling someone over to assess the situation.

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