Tips For a Smoother Move

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Moving Heavy Furniture

We have been involved in a lot of moves, both as professionals and amateurs, and over the years we have learned a lot about how to make a move smoother. Moving is a big deal and if you don’t treat it that way you open yourself up to a myriad of problems, frustrations and delays, especially if you have something heavy and awkward like moving a piano or adjustable bed with electric motor and steel frame.

So now we would like to offer a few tips, based on our experience, to help you avoid disaster when you move. Even if you are not going to use professional movers, most of them will be more than happy to provide you with a free checklist that will help you get organized.

1) Start Early
The time to begin planning is immediately upon learning that you are, indeed, going to move. We have seen so many people procrastinate, thinking they have lots of time, only to end up unprepared and harried come moving day.

2) Plan, Plan, Plan…
Lack of adequate planning is the biggest mistake you can make, whether you are employing professionals or doing it on your own. Put your plan on paper, make lists, and think about not only the actual move but pre-move and post-move scenarios. Writing things down not only gives you a guide to follow, it helps you remember things even when you don’t consult your list.

3) Pack Early
You don’t need everything you own all the time. Make a list of those things you can get along without – starting right now – until the move is over. Get those things packed early. You will likely discover that you have some things you never use anymore and don’t really want: donate them or sell them, but get rid of them now.

4) Write Everything Down
This is where lists become important. List everything that goes into each packing container. Make sure each container has a number written on it along with its destination, including which room it is to go in. This makes things much smoother once you have reached your destination, as unloaders won’t have to ask you personally where each box should go. And when you need that special little whisk to make a sauce the night after the move in, you can find it on your list and go straight to the box it is in.

5) Communicate
Again, early is the key as you communicate with everyone involved in your move. Even if you are using the services of professional Vancouver movers with trucks, be sure everything is itemized, discussed and recorded somewhere. When and where to obtain packing materials. Who is going to do what. Notices to utility suppliers such as hydro, phone and television. Moves go more smoothly when everyone who is involved knows what is expected of them and that they can count on everyone else to do their part.

Moving Tips on Video

So those are the basics of organizing a move, and they apply whether or not you are using the services of a professional mover. Organization is the key and if you choose to ignore this you do so at your own peril. In later articles we will give you valuable information on things like packing, renting vehicles and so on.

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