A Good Plumber is Worth Their Weight in Gold

One of theĀ  most important things you can do when working on the upkeep in your home is to find good contractors in your local area. If you are thinking of doing maintenance on a schedule then you are ahead of the curve, because most homeowners do not do anything like that. All the plumbers I have ever spoken to tell me over 85% of their calls are about an urgent matter, which means they have not done any maintenance at all. The same goes for roofers, appliance repairmen, heating technicians and others who seem to only be needed when something breaks down.

Ashton service group has a maintenance program set up something like an insurance policy. You pay a small monthly fee and they take care of everything for you on schedule. If something goes wrong with your plumbing there is a 15% discount on whatever it is. The list goes on but the thing is they take care of your plumbing and heating needs on a schedule so if something starts going you are made aware of it before it turns into a disaster.

Ashton Service Group

Ashton Service GroupLocated in Richmond BC, Ashton Service Group is a long standing member of the community and has built a great reputation as a dependable plumbing company who works hard at building their reputation. They stand behind every job they do and make sure everything is working at peak efficiency.

These guys are someone you want to file away as the company to call when you want a professional to work on the plumbing or heating in your home. They also specialize in HVAC, air conditioning and heat exchange units.


Brian Williams Owner of Ashton Service Group

Definitely worth your time to get to know these guys. For more information on plumbing services, specifically clogged drain problems, click here for our next article.

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